Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Henry Pym Costume Change Timeline

Post podcast I sat back and reflected on my father's confusion as to what to call Hank Pym from the Ultimates.  Now there is no excuse for him calling The Wasp, Gnat Woman, in that she is named dropped as having Wasp multiple times, but Hank Pym and his alter ego is massively confusing.

No character sums up the comic book trope of character rebootng, re-powering, retconing, and muddled history than Hank Pym.  Wife smacking and robot Hitler creator history aside here is a short recap of the many looks of Henry Pym.

***I excluded Alternative Universe versions for sanity sake****

  Ant Man                                       Tales to Astonish #35 (September 1962) 

 First Appearnce as Giant Man               Tales to Astonish  #49 (November1963)   

 First Appearnce as Goliath          The Avengers #28 (May, 1966)    

First Appeareance as Yellow Jacket  Avengers #59 (December 1, 1968)

Back to Ant Man                Avengers #93November 1, 1971)

Back to Giant Man           The Avengers vol. 3, #1 (February 1998) 

Yellow Jacket Again         The Avengers Vol 1 #500 (Sept 2004)

Rejoined Avengers as Wasp    Mighty Avengers #21, (March 2009)

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