Sunday, May 31, 2015

EP 99: Superior

Dad almost kills everyone in house by cleaning with too much bleach.

Patrick makes Dad happy in confirming he has purchased a cake to Dad’s specific demands for episode 100.

Patrick explains some of the difficulty he has in reading Mark Millar and the anatomy of artist Leinil Francis Yu

Patrick explains how his love of superhero comics, being an outsider, and facing bullies all converge from youth.
Dad understands the comic is an homage to Superman, but Patrick explains it also plays with the tropes of Captain Marvel and Christopher Reeve.

Dad gets a tad bit emotional at the climax of the comic recap but holds back the tears.

Patrick wants to revisit James Robinson's epic Starman run from DC Comics because it is a personal favorite and is all about parental and generational relations.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

EP 98: Death of Superman

Patrick and Dad sit down to read the 1992 epic event the Death of Superman.

Dad opens the show with demands for a cake to celebrate episode 100,

Patrick explains the triangle numbering system of Superman comics, how big this was in 1992 in the comic book world and how little he understood about comics marketing as a youth.

Dad understands the story until the Justice League show up or as Dad coins them League of Nations/League of Justice.

Other characters renamed include Booster Gold whom Dad calls Goldman, Gold Man, Gold Beetle.

The show devolves into Dad asking “who the hell is Bloodwyn? Cadmus, Turtle Boy, Dan Turpin, and why is Lex Luthor young and British?”

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

EP 97: Zenith: Phase 1

Patrick attempts to explain how both emails and Itunes operate to Dad, who just want the condensed version.

Patrick explains how he threw away thousands of dollars worth of 2000AD comics as a youth.

Dad and Patrick discuss Grant Morrison’s trippy British spin on the superhero hero as a pop culture icon.

Dad goes on a mini rant at one point about Jane Fonda and working for Pepsi.  

Patrick reigns Dad back in with some HP Lovecraft homage, nazi super heros, and if drug use may have improved the reading of the comic.

Dad really likes the black and white art style of Steve Yeowell.  

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

EP 96: The Fifth Beatle

Patrick semi sticks the landing in pronouncing, Vivek Tiwary, the author’s name.
Dad proves he knows at least one Beatles’ song, as he claims Jude

The duo gush over the Andrew Robinson and Kyle Baker and the experimentation with panel layout, art style shifts, and coloring.

Dad explains how the theme of people being closeted and unable to be openly homosexual hits close to home for him.

Dad also tells stories about his day back “on the job” and explaining how homosexuality was viewed in a domestic and law enforcement sense.

Dad nor Patrick think much of Lennon and enjoy how he is portrayed.

Patrick and Dad find the ending very ambiguous and debate on what is intended as reality and what is artistic license.  

Next Week : Zenith Phase 1

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

EP 95: Make Mom Read Copperhead

Dad is replaced for a Mother’s Day special in which Patrick makes his Mom read comics.

Mom discusses Dad and his approach to mass media, pop culture, and his academic pursuits.

Patrick explains how he views Dad and Mom chortles along.

Dad barges in at one point and says nothing of importance.

Mom does an amazing job in breaking the story of Copperhead down and enjoys the female protagonist, alien landscape and western motif.

Mom schools Patrick in all things Harry Turtledove, Roman household god culture, and the rugged handsomeness of Robert Redford.

Patrick and Mom try to match up the analogues in the comic book to historical archetypes to varying success.
Mom and Patrick wrap things up with  collaboration in the 21st century and some choral singing.

Mom wishes all a Happy Mother’s Day!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

EP 94: Superman Reboots and Retcons

Dad and Patrick welcome a very special guest Michael Bradley of the Great Krypton Blog

Patrick asks Michael host of numerous DC related podcasts to help him explain the concepts of the reboot and retcon through the scope of the publishing history of Superman.

Comics covered

Dad has his mind blown learning Superman died more than once.

Michael and Patrick compare how close John Byrne kept things when comparing Superman 146 and Man of Steel.

Dad gets schooled in Pre and Post Crisis DC by Michael

Michael and Patrick wrap up with a short dissection of the Grant Morrison's Action Comics run.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

EP 93: Avengers Age of Ultron & FCBD

Patrick and Dad hit the road for Free Comic Book Day in the first half of the show.

Dad wonders if only heros are have -Man added to their titles?  Why Not Villians?

Dad enjoys FCBD but does not partake in any free comic books.  Patrick and Dad discuss the different sampling of fandom in the shop.

Patrick explains the concept of a pull list, the pull box, and comic book purchasing practices.

The next day Patrick and Dad head out to see Avengers Age of Ultron.

Patrick admits he really wishes people would see comics a medium and not a genre, particularly just super hero fare.

Dad gives some backseat directions and listeners can hear about the Mile Road System In Metro Detroit.

Patrick previews gushes about the comic for next week The Fifth Beatle : The Brian Epstein Story

Post film Patrick and Dad banter about the Avengers, likes, dislikes, and so forth.

Dad and Patrick watch a deer run through a golf course in amazement.

Patrick gets his hand stuck like Winnie the Pooh.

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