Sunday, October 27, 2013

EP 12: Halloween Episode The New Deadwardians TPB

Halloween episode Review of Vertigo’s The New Deadwardians

Warning!  Dad is under the weather so be prepared for coughing fits!

Dad is on point and seems to have read this issue and understand most of the goings on in a vampire, zombie, and magic infested Edwardian England.

Our duo discuss Dan Abnett’s world building of telling this alternative history take of turn of the century post zombie war England.

Dad likes the metaphor of class structure in the with Vampires, humans, and zombies filling the roles of the upper crust, middle class, and the poor.  As well as suffragettes wanting the right to not just vote but be forced into vampirism.  

Things come to an abrupt halt when Patrick is distracted by the sexy maillady delivering letters to Dad’s house, and is excited to discover via Dad she lives down the street.  Dad warns him her husband is a big man and Patrick should just stay a looky loo.

Our duo love the minimalist art style and agree the less noodling with line work the better.

Patrick and Dad then craft their own “better” ending to the story.

Treat is a Halloween Cookies from the East Detroit Bakery.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Detroit Fanfare Comic Con

Make Dad Read Comics is hitting the road and going to a con!

Could not convince Dad to follow me, Patrick, to Detroit Fanfare Comic Con.  But did convince foul mouthed little sister Lizzy and some friends to tag along and brave the horrific cold and wind.

Plan on doing a post convention show, interesting to see Lizzy's reaction, would love to interviewed a  shell shocked Dad but may convince him to head up North to Fan Expo Canada or C2E2 in Chicago for a vacation as well as a con.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

EP 11: 7 Psychopaths

It is a rough one dear listeners.  Dad swears he read the comic, yet tells the story in a completely non linear fashion, or leaves important plot points unexplained Patrick is a little frustrated and walks Dad through the comic painfully.

Dad likes the Hitler doubles, but hates condensed storytelling,

Dad confesses he uses bricks to tamp down his books and as doorstops.

The boys talk about the Detroit Tiger’s and the lack of aggressive base running in the ALCS

Dad tells Patrick about Simon Bolivar for some random reason and swears he will not just read the next assignment in the toilet and will take notes.

Treat is some random candy bars Patrick’s co-worker gave him

Next week for EP 12: the Halloween episode The New Deadwardians

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Special EP 1: Secret Six Vol 1: Unhinged

No Dad on this one it is make my sister Liz read comics.

Liz is a potty mouth so NSFW podcast here.  Liz is exposed to her first comic Gail Simon and Nicola Scott’s Secret Six: Unhinged TPB.  
Liz likes the story but gets confused about who is who in  and out of costume.  Patrick explains what a beefcake and cheesecake art style is sorta…….

Liz explains that Catman is a “bad dick” and Batman is a “good dick”.  She also thinks Bane is the moral center of the story and feels very bad for him.

Both brother and sister like the art and think it is good staple comic fare.  

Liz also thinks Patrick looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt, the cancer ridden version.

No treat is eaten.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Starman: Omnibus Vol 1: #0-3

This episode is not silly or full of poop jokes as previous episodes.

Patrick gives Dad a recap break and our boys instead ruminant on the themes and characters of Starman.

Patrick and Dad discuss the strong theme of family and linage that drive James Robinson's hallmark comic book run.

Dad likes Jack Knight as a junk man and that he does not really dig on wearing a silly costume.

Patrick explains his theory that the center piece of the narrative is about the three interweaving family trees of the Knights, Mist, and O 'Dare families.

Dad does not know what to make of the Shade, is a he a hero or villain?  Why is he even in the story?  What are his powers?  Why does he care about Opal City so much?

Patrick brings a treat.......Carrot Bread Pudding!  Dad is worried it will be loaded with curry but instead is happy it is sweet and buttery.

Next week our boys step away from Superhero folks and dive into the "other" of comics with the Alternate History take of World War 2 with the trade paperback of 7 Psychopaths

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Animal Man TPB Vol 1 : The Hunt

Dad digs Buddy Baker and Animal Man.

Dad also sees a great deal of both Pagan and Christian symbolism in the comic.

Patrick and Dad discuss how this is not really a traditional superhero comic and could really fit into the genre of horror.

Patrick stands up for blue collar super hero types

Patrick teaches Dad about panel layout and everything comic book wise suddenly becomes more clear to Dad.

Patrick tells Dad about a woman from work who was scared of the podcast.  Dad laughs at her and explains what he has learned about comics.

Dad revels he reads Patrick's comics on the toilet and promises not to get fecal matter all over them.

Dad laughs at Patrick for crying at music and Starman comics.

Treat is a collection of cookies from East Detroit Bakery including Dad's favorite chocolate gingerbread men.

Next week Starman 

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Henry Pym Costume Change Timeline

Post podcast I sat back and reflected on my father's confusion as to what to call Hank Pym from the Ultimates.  Now there is no excuse for him calling The Wasp, Gnat Woman, in that she is named dropped as having Wasp multiple times, but Hank Pym and his alter ego is massively confusing.

No character sums up the comic book trope of character rebootng, re-powering, retconing, and muddled history than Hank Pym.  Wife smacking and robot Hitler creator history aside here is a short recap of the many looks of Henry Pym.

***I excluded Alternative Universe versions for sanity sake****

  Ant Man                                       Tales to Astonish #35 (September 1962) 

 First Appearnce as Giant Man               Tales to Astonish  #49 (November1963)   

 First Appearnce as Goliath          The Avengers #28 (May, 1966)    

First Appeareance as Yellow Jacket  Avengers #59 (December 1, 1968)

Back to Ant Man                Avengers #93November 1, 1971)

Back to Giant Man           The Avengers vol. 3, #1 (February 1998) 

Yellow Jacket Again         The Avengers Vol 1 #500 (Sept 2004)

Rejoined Avengers as Wasp    Mighty Avengers #21, (March 2009)