Sunday, October 27, 2013

EP 12: Halloween Episode The New Deadwardians TPB

Halloween episode Review of Vertigo’s The New Deadwardians

Warning!  Dad is under the weather so be prepared for coughing fits!

Dad is on point and seems to have read this issue and understand most of the goings on in a vampire, zombie, and magic infested Edwardian England.

Our duo discuss Dan Abnett’s world building of telling this alternative history take of turn of the century post zombie war England.

Dad likes the metaphor of class structure in the with Vampires, humans, and zombies filling the roles of the upper crust, middle class, and the poor.  As well as suffragettes wanting the right to not just vote but be forced into vampirism.  

Things come to an abrupt halt when Patrick is distracted by the sexy maillady delivering letters to Dad’s house, and is excited to discover via Dad she lives down the street.  Dad warns him her husband is a big man and Patrick should just stay a looky loo.

Our duo love the minimalist art style and agree the less noodling with line work the better.

Patrick and Dad then craft their own “better” ending to the story.

Treat is a Halloween Cookies from the East Detroit Bakery.

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