Friday, August 30, 2013

EP 3: Black Panther Vol 4 #39

In this all new exciting podcast Dad reads the entire trade paperback by mistake, again, and mass confusion follows.

Patrick tries to reign Dad back in and attempts to explain Skrulls, Events Comics, and the show's format to Dad.  

Dad and Patrick both enjoy the story told but loath Marvel's muddy, ugly colors in the artwork.

Dad wants to see a Black Batman.  Patrick almost explains that there is a Black Batman, but Dad is on a roll and thinks all characters should just be named after animals and that Spiderman is really a villain.

A cinnamon roll is the treat and Dad suddenly could careless about comics.

Next week Warren Ellis Thunderbolts

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Black Panther Secret Invasion CBR Preview

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

EP 2: Batman: The Mad Monk #1

Our duo discuss Batman as a masked avenger in more a pulp style than superhero standard.

Dad blows his nose and blows out the mic, twice.

Patrick and Dad explore race relations in comics including the lack of superheros of non white ethnicity, and that Gotham is depicted as the whitest place on Earth.

The treat is a bust, French's Buffalo Sticks, the backup, a mint, is also underwhelming.

Promises of a better podcast and treats are made. 

EP 2 Batman: The Mad Monk #1

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

EP 1 : Amazing Spider-Man 578

Our Duo began their Journey with Patrick's favorite character Spider-Man.

Dad gets confused quickly and questions if Spider-Man digs water-sports and not the snorkeling kind.

Dad also thinks this is all a dream like a bad sitcom or Lost.

Patrick is also confused and attempts to explain the difference between the Marvel Universe and Our Universe, poorly.

A Snack is eaten, Tim Horton's Smile Cookies.


Welcome to our introduction of our Podcast "Make Dad Read Comics"

The idea behind the podcast is that my father, who feels comic books are the lowest form of literature ever imagined, is tempted though sweets and treats to read the first issue of a comic or a story arc.

He is given a week to read and dissect  the comic.  On Saturday morning father and son sit down over some coffee and tea to  discuss.  My father attempts to summarize the story.  I then attempt to answer his insane questions, and we have some general chat.

Then after about a  half hour of madness and illogical concepts are explained he eats his treat.

Please enjoy and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes,

Patrick, the Son.

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