Sunday, April 30, 2017

EP 204: Marvels

Patrick and Dad journey into a retelling of Marvel Comics with Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross’ 1994 four issue miniseries Marvels

Patrick struggles to recall how old Spider-Man may be and the sequence of events of the comic in general terms.

Dad has some very interesting ideas on how to deal with mutants and how to deal with an American crisis or two.

Patrick tries to explain early 1970s Spider-Man history to Dad.

Dad passes on eating treats and makes bold claims about bringing the notebook back into the fold weekly or at least scribble something out.

Next Week: Gotham Academy

Sunday, April 23, 2017

EP 203: Nightwing: Bludhaven

Patrick and Dad read  Nightwing Vol. 1: Bludhaven from Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel.

Dad is very upset about how large and silly Dick Grayson’s 1990’s mullet and or rattail appears, while Patrick confuses Greg Land with artist Scott McDaniel.  

Dad and Patrick tear through a bunch of emails to start the show and Dad comes to some realization about how many comics he has read after 200 plus episodes.  

Patrick struggles to explain the Sinister Six and Dad makes a date with coming to see Spider-Man Homecoming.  

Nightwing of the 90s is, Nightwing of the 90s and Patrick wonders if this is a reflection of writing before the trade paperback.

Treat is nothing:  We forgot

Next Week: Marvels

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Monday, April 17, 2017

EP 202: Death Note

Patrick and Dad delve back into Manga with the first volume of Death Note.  Dad and Patrick also discuss classic Hollywood and creepy Easter Bunnies.

Patrick and Dad discuss the morality tale that is Death Note along with if Charlton Heston played a Mexican.

Dad and newscaster Roop Raj are both freaked out by Easter Bunnies and both Patrick and Dad eat way too much food.

Next Week: Nightwing

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

EP 201: Manifest Destiny

Patrick and Dad both confuse many historical figures in their retelling of the Lewis and Clark Expedition through the lens of the cryptozoological hidden history of Chris Dingess and Matthew Roberts  

Dad learns a convoluted story about Image Comics, Robert Kirkman, and the Skybound imprint from Patrick to open the show.  

Dad and Patrick discuss recent news from Sweden for some reason for a bit and then Dad breaks down the book issues by issue.

Patrick attempts to explain the concept of Red Shirts and zombie based plants.  He forgets to explain the meme kill it with fire but will correct that on the next show.  

Treat was a mud pie

Next Week: Death Note

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

EP 200: JMS Spider-Man

Patrick and Dad talk some J Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr era Amazing Spider-Man.#30-35.

Patrick has a complicated love for this comic, in that he feels it captures all that is great with Peter Parker era Spidey just not so into the Spider-Totem thing.

Dad may finally understand why Patrick loves Spidey #30-#35

Patrick thinks he found a deconstruction theory of Spider-Man but he may be talking out of his backside.

Dad gets a quick quiz on how much he understands about the hundreds of comics he has read in the past three years.

Dad enjoys some Lemon Streusel Cake and it is revealed that he is a fan of Cassata Cake.

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