Sunday, April 27, 2014

EP 36: Irredeemable Vol 1

Dad thinks Superheroes need to be called superstars for some reason. People seem to want to watch people fight robots as a spectator sport? 

This is the one that almost breaks Patrick. Dad jumps over plot points and key cues from jump street.  Our duo are covering Mark Waid and Peter Krause’s “Superman gone bad” tale of Irredeemable from Boom Studios.  A short messy episode with light father and son arguing.  

Next Week Avengers: Endless Wartime,  and Patrick forces Dad to go to comic book shop for Free Comic Book Day 

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

EP 35 Green Arrow Year One

Dad is on fire and out of control this episode and Patrick just tries to hang on, Dad thinks Green Arrow has magic powers of Dogmen?  Can Green Arrow fly?  What is that green glowing power hitting him?  Patrick tries to make sense of this nonsense and Dad  calls his wife for help.  

Patrick explains Green Arrow history which cracks Dad up, especially Speedy on smack and Red Arrow is a goofy name but Green Arrow is not?

Dad Is fascinated with Green Lantern

 Patrick does convince Dad to go to the comic shop for Free Comic Book Day.  Dad fears they will be arrested, Patrick calms his fear. Dad wants to see a "Superman gone bad" so....Next Week Irredeemable from Mark Waid

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

EP 34: Dr. Fate VS Ghost Rider

Patrick is corrected via email and Dad wins kinda...

Dad compares Dr. Fate #1 from 1987 and Ghost Rider 2014 #1.

Dad is shocked by price increases in comics and paper quality

Dad forgets the record button is on and investigates a “gypsy car” across the street.

Patrick explains gutters, color schemes, and word balloons

Patrick tells a story about Tree Kangaroos pouches .

Patrick only flips out on Dad once.

Next week Green Arrow Year One and origin stories

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

EP 33: Film Review Captain America The Winter Soldier

Dad did not fall asleep only “rested his eyes”

Patrick and Dad both love the film, Dad admits he like the comic a bit more.

Dad was horrified about how excited Patrick was during the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

Patrick is schooled in Savate by Dad

Patrick and Dad talk about Chris Evan’s physique like teen girls.

Dad rates the flick with a B+ then a A and then for some reason a AA?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

EP 32: Captain American: Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection

Dad gets a crash course in Captain America. And explains he likes to sleep at the movies.

Patrick realizes Dad agrees to anything while they are recording.

Listener Bryan has some suggestions (Watchmen and web-comics) Dad loves...but make Patrick nervous.

Dad focuses on all the minor points and misses the big picture which flusters Patrick.

Both Patrick and Dad constantly call characters by the incorrect name.

Patrick explains continuity and retroactive continuity and Dad gets it kinda

Dad can except the concept of the cosmic cube but boomerang shields are too much

Next week our duo focus on comic art with Dr. Fate (1987) and All New Ghost Rider #1 (2014)

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