Tuesday, December 30, 2014

EP 72 Fantastic Four Sampler

Dad is hounded by the flu and phone calls but presses on to read a large chunk of Fantastic Four. Patrick explains the concept of comic book ages and the loose time periods presented by fan boys. Dad could care less.

The Boys tear into a sampling of Silver and Bronze age Fantastic Four.


Fantastic Four #1, Dad Read

Fantastic Four Annual #2 Dad read page one Patrick explains

Patrick falls in love with John Byrne’s FF with Fantastic Four #267.  Dad has a cough and cares nothing for Dr. Doom

Next Week C.O.W.L Vol 1

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

EP 71: Zero #1-6

Zero #1-6 from Image Comics is understood by Dad and Patrick is relieved.

Dad amazes with some deep insight into the nature of humanity and warfare.

Patrick blathers on about comic book design aesthetics. Dad does not listen and instead just waits to speak.

Dad admits he does not really notice artwork yet. Patrick probes into this blind spot but finds only confusion.

Dad and Patrick discuss The Winter War and the badassness of Finnish people.

The boys even try to talk astrophysics but realize quickly that is a made road to hoe.

Music MC Cullah

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Monday, December 15, 2014

EP 70 MS. Marvel

Dad and Patrick read MS. Marvel after some talk of what percentage of comics Dad understands.

The boys enjoy the comic and it generates some light banter about teen girl issues.

Patrick tries to give examples to the concept of the “Legacy Hero” . Dad loses interest in Patrick and half listens.

Dad has a Birthday gift is semi interested. Dad once again decries the need for sweets and or semi sweet foods for his hard work on the podcast.

Patrick promises a sweets related treat for the next podcast.

Dad and Patrick also seem to have trouble conjuring what languages are spoken in Central and South Asia.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

EP 69 Maus Vol 1

Dad and Patrick read Maus vol 1 from Art Spiegelman.

Dad adds some insight on the persecution of the Jews from a book he read Bricks and Mortals

Anthropomorphic animals once again are discussed by the duo.  

Dad and Patrick discuss  the book’s use of a son trying to understand his father through an interview about his experiences during the holocaust.

Dad want Patrick to show him how to use the “podcast store system” to find some history podcast.

Next Week :Ms. Marvel

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