Thursday, November 28, 2013

Special EP 2: Thanksgiving Comic Quiz

Patrick, Dad and sister Liz sit down for a pre-Thanksgiving quiz show.

Liz starts things off with a random and odd Doctor Who question.

Patrick and Liz then ask Dad some questions about what he has learned about comic after 16 weeks of reading and discussing them with Patrick.  We learn, Dad has learned almost nothing.

Liz and Dad then engage in a Patrick constructed comic book quiz showdown.  

They realize Patrick is a super nerd far beyond a level than ever imagined before.

Patrick wraps the show by explaining how intellectual property and sales really drive content in the comic book industry.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

EP 16: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

This is a biggie, our duo sit down and discuss the first two issues of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.  Patrick explains his history with reading DKR and how it had altered his view on Batman and adult storytelling.

Dad is distracted by snow outside but soon gets down to discussing 1980’s era Batman.  Dad snaps back into focus and is excited when he learns the origin of Batman and Patrick explains how the symbol of the bat engulfs his life.

Dad and Patrick discuss how this is a much different and nastier Batman than they read in Batman and the Mad Monk.  Dad still finds some dark humor in the book, with Batman’s snark laden internal monologue.

Dad and Patrick discuss the political undertones, and the Frank Miller satirizing television of the period.  Dad points out that the 1986 TV news shown in the comic is not that far off from what we see on cable news today.

Patrick and Dad wrap Batman talk up by exploring the damaged psyche of Two-Face and the concept that his scars run much deeper than his facial injury.

Part 2 comes next week and Dad thinks Frank Miller may be setting up a Superman cameo?

Patrick reads a show first, email!  Our duo admit the podcast is the result of zero planning, which should come as no shock.

Make Dad Read Comics is holding a Holiday Comics Contest!  email the show with a holiday themed comic, include a postal address and if your comic is chosen you will get some free comics!

Next Week The Dark Knight Returns part 2…

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

EP 15: Batman Vol 1: Court of Owls

Patrick opens with pondering on what the point of bringing Dad a treat each week, when Dad has a pantry and fridge brimming with cakes, cookies, and candy.  
Dad agrees and explains his favorite treat of a big slice of cake covered in cookies and ice cream.

Comic talk starts out very strong with some good discussion about Batman as Bruce Wayne rebuilding Gotham.

Dad is then flummoxed with the concept of facial recognition software, and why are there so many damn Robins?

Things get back on track when our duo discuss the concept of Court of Owls being a shadow organization and crafting a secret history of Gotham.  

Once the middle of the story arc is reached and Greg Capullo artwork is in full force with winding panels, hallucinations, and heavy symbolism Dad throws in the towel.  He does not realize Batman is drugged and assumes we are seeing the story from the POV of Batman….. hanging upside… a Bat……

Patrick and Dad both love the fight scenes and the creepy factor of the Court as a villain.  Dad is blown away that Batman got down with Talia Al Ghul and she is Robin’s baby-mommy.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

EP 14: Blacksad

Our duo dive headlong into European comics and are in a state of awe with the artwork in Blacksad .  

Patrick starts to blather on and on about story content but stops himself from spoiling any major plot points.

Dad reads through the comic the entire time and format is dropped while father and son have a gushing lovefest to Disney inspired art.

Patrick and Dad banter their theories back and forth as to what each animal represented both socially and racially.

Dad is glad that only anthropomorphic animals exist in this world and we see no birds or pets running around.  Patrick is also happy that a Goofy and Pluto paradox does not exist in this world.

Patrick explains how he uses Blacksad to teach students to read……. Dad has his doubts this is a good plan.

Next week Batman mashup, comparing The Batman of two eras:   Batman: Court of Owls and The Dark Knight Returns.

Treat: Tim Horton chocolate chip cookies

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

.EP 13: Fear Agent TPB Re-Ignition

Our duo strap on their jetpacks, charge the ray guns, and swill some whiskey as they discuss the first trade paperback of Fear Agent from writer Rick Remender and artist Tony Moore.

Patrick opens the show with hopes all Killer Whales rising up and drowning their trainers.  Dad chides this idea but laughs.

Dad is focused for the first two issues but once time travel is introduced he become lost in his own time vortex of confusion.  

Patrick gets him back on point and father and son explore Heath Huston as a drunk spaceman who attempts to fix all that once went wrong by doing more wrong.  Dad feels if it was just Heath killing wave after wave of monster aliens the comic would be improved.

Our duo both love the homage art from Tony Moore to days of pulp science fiction.  Patrick and Dad are glad that nothing was sleek and shiny but filthy and full of bubble helmeted space suits and clunky robots.

Dad is teased to next week’s comic assignment Blacksad and goes bonkers with excitement!  Dad is very happy to see anthropomorphic animals in a detective noir setting and exclaims “Now this is comic book time folks!”   

General talk:  Dad’s Halloween was nice, he handed out tons of kids and all were polite.  Dad’s eye is bothering him and Patrick suggests jabbing his dirty fingers into his iris is making things worse, Dad ignores him. Treat is leftover Halloween candy.

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