Sunday, November 10, 2013

EP 14: Blacksad

Our duo dive headlong into European comics and are in a state of awe with the artwork in Blacksad .  

Patrick starts to blather on and on about story content but stops himself from spoiling any major plot points.

Dad reads through the comic the entire time and format is dropped while father and son have a gushing lovefest to Disney inspired art.

Patrick and Dad banter their theories back and forth as to what each animal represented both socially and racially.

Dad is glad that only anthropomorphic animals exist in this world and we see no birds or pets running around.  Patrick is also happy that a Goofy and Pluto paradox does not exist in this world.

Patrick explains how he uses Blacksad to teach students to read……. Dad has his doubts this is a good plan.

Next week Batman mashup, comparing The Batman of two eras:   Batman: Court of Owls and The Dark Knight Returns.

Treat: Tim Horton chocolate chip cookies

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