Sunday, November 24, 2013

EP 16: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

This is a biggie, our duo sit down and discuss the first two issues of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.  Patrick explains his history with reading DKR and how it had altered his view on Batman and adult storytelling.

Dad is distracted by snow outside but soon gets down to discussing 1980’s era Batman.  Dad snaps back into focus and is excited when he learns the origin of Batman and Patrick explains how the symbol of the bat engulfs his life.

Dad and Patrick discuss how this is a much different and nastier Batman than they read in Batman and the Mad Monk.  Dad still finds some dark humor in the book, with Batman’s snark laden internal monologue.

Dad and Patrick discuss the political undertones, and the Frank Miller satirizing television of the period.  Dad points out that the 1986 TV news shown in the comic is not that far off from what we see on cable news today.

Patrick and Dad wrap Batman talk up by exploring the damaged psyche of Two-Face and the concept that his scars run much deeper than his facial injury.

Part 2 comes next week and Dad thinks Frank Miller may be setting up a Superman cameo?

Patrick reads a show first, email!  Our duo admit the podcast is the result of zero planning, which should come as no shock.

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Next Week The Dark Knight Returns part 2…

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