Sunday, May 25, 2014

EP 41 Green Lantern Secret Origin

Dad finally gets his Green Lantern fix with Green Lantern : Secret Origin.  

A new treat policy is created, one in which chocolate cake and baked goods will only be accepted by Dad.

Dad explains the plot with ease but butchers every character name. 

Dad and Patrick muse on trying to fit decades of continuity in a single story line and that too much is packed into seven issues.

Next Week Batman: the Killing Joke

Music: MC Cullah “When I Rule the World”

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

EP 40 Pulp :The Shadow and Lobster Johnson

Patrick makes Dad visit the inspiration for modern superhero comics with some Pulp characters.  First things first Dad demands a return for snacks to be brought as payment for reading comics. Then our Duo discuss The Shadow Vol 2: Revolution from Dynamite and Lobster Johnson Scent of the Lotus from Dark Horse Comics.  It takes 35 minutes of discussion but Patrick manages to make Dad understand the concept of homage.  Dad just wants more machine gun wielding monkeys with or without masks.  Next week Dad gets his wish and our Duo discuss Green Lantern : Secret Origin.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

EP 39 Spider-Man In The 80's

Patrick makes Dad read Amazing Spider-Man       251 then Kraven’s Last Hunt and finally the "Kid Who Collects Spider-Man."

 Dad is scared of Vermin but admits Spidey is an ok guy.

Dad is confused to all hell what Secret Wars have anything to do with anything.

Dad also does not trust that Harry Osborn nor the purpose of eating spiders.

Next Week Lobster Johnson Scent of the Lotus and The Shadow from Dynamite Comics

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

EP 38: Free Comic Book Day Trip

Duo hit the road as Patrick does not force Dad to read any comics, instead he kidnaps him to witness Free Comic Book Day.  

Dad mocks hipsters and people he deems odd, mostly harmless hipster kids.  

Then they discuss censorship of comics throughout history and fight violent video games create monsters or monsters like violence.  

Dad explains why he hates Spider-Man.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

EP 37 Avengers Endless Wartime

Pure hatin’  in this one.  

Avengers Endless Wartime is not enjoyed by either Patrick and Dad for very different reasons.  

Dad wants the Hulk to just smash while Patrick complains about too many Avengers.  

Dad hints he may cos-play though for Free Comic Book Day.

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