Sunday, December 27, 2015

EP 133: Bone Vol 4 Dragon Slayer

Dad  saves the day by fixing plumbing issues at Patrick's house.  

Dad breaks down the fourth volume in the Jeff Smith’s masterpiece Bone.  

The duo discuss Jeff Smith’s amazing use of perspective and negative space in his art.  

Patrick and Dad discuss that in the month of January will be listening request month.

Somehow they also discuss, myths, Donald Trump, Star Wars and Next Week : Astro City

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

EP 130: Superman / Batman Vol 2 Supergirl

Patrick tells a story about how the clerks at Guitar Center are now fans of Dad. Such big fans they give Patrick a sweetheart deal on some XLR cables.

Dad understands a great deal of Superman/Batman Vol 2: Supergirl but forgets most characters names and makes up his own.  

Dad has some questions about Batman parenting and how many muscles can fit on a single body 

Patrick struggles with Michael Turner artwork.   The treat this week is a bunch of Christmas cookies stolen from a workplace party.

Next Week : Holiday comics.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

EP 129 : it Was the War of the Trenches

Dad is under the weather but codines and cold medicine help him push through covering Jaci Tardi's It Was the War of The Trenches.  

Dad and Patrick discuss the work that explores the darkest side of humanity through the French perspective of World War One.

Treat is a huge amount of fudge

Dad employs his new note taking system and swears often.  Next Week : Superman Batman Vol 2 Supergirl