Monday, March 30, 2015

EP 87:Booster Gold 52 Pick Up

Dad is so confused but presses forward and takes notes.

He likes him some Skeets but thinks Booster Gold is a jerk.

Dad recognizes Sinestro, Hex, Superman, Batman, Batgirl, and even Blue Beetle.

The Joker and dozens of other characters not so much.

Patrick runs down as much DC continuity as one can cram in 45 minutes of pod casting.

Dad is a fountain of questions.   Patrick answers  at a rapid and insane rate.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

EP 86: Blacksad Amarillo

No emails but Patrick finds Dad some answers for his Dell Comics and Four Color Comics Questions last week.

Dad refuses to read the introduction written by Neal Adams for some reason so Patrick recaps.  

Patrick puts on the teacher cap and attempts to teach Dad the literary devices of anthropomorphism and personification, Dad could care less.

Dad launches into a mini rant about millennials, draft of service to rebuild America's infrastructure and General Wesley Clark.

The duo discuss the artist and writer and the Disney traditional animation influence on the comic.  Dad has no comment on current Disney films.

Dad and Patrick break down the comic story in depth and how interesting it is from the perspective of European creators looking at 1950’s America, through animals.

Patrick previews next week’s show by introducing Dad to DC Fandex.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

EP 85: X-Men God Loves Man Kills

Patrick reads some email and Dad responds.

Cassidy from Jabber and the Drone podcast has a nice email and suggestion that confuses Dad

The boys read the Marvel Graphic Novel God Loves Man Kills

Patrick allows Dad to break down the comic with notes folks with notes!

Patrick and Dad discuss analogies and the X-Men

Dad wants to know of Dell Comics was a thing?

Dad loves Brent Anderson’s art Patrick not so much.

Patrick talks about Neal Adam’s departure but Dad has no answers.

Patrick barks laughter often.

Next Week : Blacksad Amarillo

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

EP 84: Make Dennis Read Comics

Patrick is Dadless and asks Dennis his co-host of his other podcast, Almost Educational to record a show.

Patrick allows Dennis to recap and comment

Dennis has issues with the comic Patrick tries to respond.

The boys connect over their love of Ducktales comics

Dennis and Patrick argue about fandom.

Patrick recaps the entire run for Dennis poorly.

Dennis claims to be a Superman fan as well as all things Disney

Patrick tries to explain Super hero crossovers. And gives a dramatic reading.

The boys discuss AMC’s Preacher adaptation.

The Podcast melts down after Patrick schools Dennis in the difference of the “Day Hero” and the “Night Hero”.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

EP 83: Daredevil by Mark Waid

Patrick throws a shout out to Michael Bradley and his blog Great Krypton!

The boys read through Juan’s email and answer some questions.

Dad wants to smuggle comics into the doctor's office

Patrick explains his love for Mark Waid. Dad gets an origin of Daredevil.

Patrick suspects Dad may have not read the entire set of comics.

Dad admits he tried to read it all in one shot and is confused.

Patrick tries to explain the Filipino comic artists invasion

Patrick also talks out of his ass and confuses Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin but still loves both of their pencil work.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

EP 82 Manhunter Special Edition

The boys read through some email and answer some questions.

Dad would do a weather report podcast or about Ontario towns and cities.

Patrick explains the backstory of Manhunter as a series of backup stories in Detective Comics.

Dad finds Archie Goodwin’s introduction too lengthy.

The boys breakdown Paul Kirk, martial arts training, clones, and shadow governments

Patrick confuses Manhunter’s real name with Leonard Nimoy

Dad understands most of the comic but forgot to read the final silent issue.

Patrick makes Dad read the final section on the spot and madness ensues.

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