Sunday, February 22, 2015

EP 81 Southern Bastards Vol 1

Dad gets schooled in comic sale practices.

Patrick and Dad are confused as to what a “Youngblood” could mean?

Patrick tries to explain serialized storytelling in comics.

Dad tries explain the concept of the tv show Grimm

The boys breakdown Southern Bastards.

Patrick and Dad discuss panel layout and the use of nine and twelve panel grid work.

Small town life, football, and segregation is all discussed.

Dad is floored by the final page of the comic.

Patrick’s high school alumni include astronaut Jerry Linenger.

Next Week:  Manhunter Special Edition

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

EP 80 Spawn

The boys read some emails and answer some listener questions.

Dad breaks down how he reads comics including his note taking methods and review skills.

Patrick gives Dad a brief history of artists and writers like Todd McFarlane and Jim Lee leaving Marvel to found Image Comics.

Dad gives his first take and recap of Spawn Vol 1.

Patrick and Dad discuss style over substance. Dad is confused by how many "monsters" are in this comic?

Patrick is attacked by Dad during a spirited explanation of proper police work.

Next Week: Southern Bastards

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

EP 79 Bone Vol 1

Dad is brought back to childlike wonder with Jeff Smith’s Bone.

First some emails are read, and the boys field some listener questions.

Dad is so excited to discuss Bone he jumps around with his favorite moments.

Patrick slows things down and explains how one can use comics in the classroom.

Dad and Patrick agree the art evokes Sunday comic strips like Pogo.

Patrick is shocked Dad wants to continue and read the entire series.

Patrick ends the podcast with discussing how comics are ghettoized in literature.

Next Week: Spawn Vol 1

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

EP 78 Quarter Bin Comics

Patrick buys four random back issues from his comic book shop for review.

Dad explains his amazement with the concept of cheap back issues being purchased by the pound via a food scale.

Book 1: Green Arrow #107  Why is Elvis and Bruce Lee in this?  How does Connor Hawke's race change page by page or panel by panel?

Book 2:  Monarchy #5  Is this all in the character’s head?  Why are superhero cops in here?

Book 3: The Spirit #9 Dad and Patrick agree on many points including comic decompression confusion.

Book 4: What If? #44 The Punisher becomes Venom and Spider-Man, and Daredevil, and Moon Knight, and the Fantastic Four.  Plus Dad laughs at the Watcher.

Next Week: Bone vol 1

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

EP 77 Dropsie Avenue

Will Eisner's Dropsie Avenue is examined in depth.

Patrick and Dad first read some emails and Dad answers some Maus questions.

Patrick makes Dad commit to watching and podcast about the first and ninth episodes of the CW Flash.

Dad never even knew it was a thing but is happy to know he can use VOD.

Dad and Patrick discuss the art and style of Will Eisner.

The boys discuss some history of urban decay including the Bronx and Detroit.

Dad does not believe families live in Midtown Detroit and wants some Bone.

Next Week: Quarter Bin Comic Madness

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