Sunday, June 28, 2015

EP 103: Bone Vol 3 Eyes of the Storm

Patrick and Dad answer listener AZXER’s email about recording a podcast involving Dad and teaching him the internet. 

Dad knows who to Google and thinks Manga is the title of human being.

Patrick is called seven hours later and informed that Dad bought some cake.   Dad eats cake on the podcast and spits a mouthful of white sugar all over.

Dad breaks down the plot of Bone: Eyes of the Storm and gushes about the artwork.

Patrick blathers on about negative space and the use of light source in the comic Dad is mildly interested and humors Patrick.

Patrick thinks he is back and in the classroom and tries to give Dad a lecture on Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and the theory of the Monomyth, Dad is astounded at first but bores quickly.  

Next Week:  Red Skull Incarnate and Canadian Candy Bars

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

EP 102: Spider-Man “Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut”

Emails from Michael Bradley, co host of Parallel Lines Podcast, and Cassidy, from the Jabber and the Drone Podcast are answered.

Die hard listening Juan wishes Dad a nice Father’s Day and demands the cake issue is resolved.

Patrick is taken aback for a moment when Dad demands another grandchild.

Dad recaps and understands, Madame Web, Black Tom Cassidy, and even the Juggernaut well but forgot to read issue #230 of Roger Stern and John Romita Jr’ s classic “Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut” story line of Amazing Spider-Man.

Patrick recaps the issue for Dad and tries to explain four color comics of the era and is totally in the wrong era and talks nonsense.

Dad understands the modern take on Spidey and Juggernaut and Patrick calms himself a bit, and the duo discuss maybe creating a better notation system for Dad

Next week: Cake and Bone Vol 3

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

EP 101 : Pluto Vol 1

The boys answer some emails.

First up is Phil from Kirkland that wants some answers to

How does Dad read comics?
Why are pedophiles and deer running on golf courses always mentioned?
Does Dad watch comic book TV shows? 
Phil Also recommends reading Gotham Central.

Next email is Shawn host of Just One of the Guys Podcast and co-host of Parallel Lines Podcast..  

Shawn makes Dad’s day by describing Dad as both a renaissance man and including his geographic location.

Patrick and Dad discuss Pluto vol 1  and the conventions shared in and differences in Manga and Western style comics.

Dad loves the book and the use of sound effects including musical notes to paint the larger picture,

Patrick blathers about Shinto beliefs and the juxtaposition of Japanese culture in terms of nature and technology.

Dad is insulted when Patrick explains sequential art.

Dad never watched the Jetsons.

Patrick and Dad agree the North 2 and blind composer story in the middle of the book helps frame the entire narrative.

Patrick gets upset with Dad when he begins the randomly jump through the story.   Dad gets some suggestions on how to improve his note taking by maybe adding footnotes including page and issue numbers.

Dad makes promise of bringing a cake no matter how much of a health nut his son may be for treats next week.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

EP 100: Starman #9 - 16

Dad gets a lemon fantasy cake but is still wanting a real deal big massive cake.

Patrick explains why you should not order three tiered cake from upscale bakery shops.

The boys read some email and answer some random questions.

Dad explains how he almost killed the father and son team with some bleach fueled Spring cleaning.

Dad explains how his wife is very intelligent but in his mind lazy, Patrick is shocked and Dad does the two step backtrack.

Patrick and Dad discuss the generational themes in Starman, as well as they unconventional coloring that make the book so damn unique.

Dad loves the Ragdoll story line and the two try to figure out if the real life Ted Knight did voice overs for the Superfriends cartoons.

Dad can see how comic book writing has influenced the rise of modern television storytelling.  

Even though Dad takes 13 pages of notes he was shaky on the last two issues of the run but enjoys Patrick’s explanation.

Next Week : Pluto Vol 1

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