Sunday, April 24, 2016

EP 150: Bone Vol 5

Dad and Patrick celebrate episode 150 by reading Dad’s favorite series Bone from cartoonist Jeff Smith.  

Patrick has impetigo and Dad is terrified of infection even though he may not understand what the hell impetigo may involve.

Dad digs deep into storytelling, is shocked by how many comics he has been forced to read in the past three years plus of adventuring with his son into the world of funny books.

 Next Week : Marvel’s Civil War

EP 149: Ex Machina

Dad returns to discuss Brian K Vaughan and Tony Harris’ superhero politics mashup Ex Machina.  

Dad and Patrick discuss putting how the books plays with the thought experiment of a superhero turned NYC mayor.  

They disagree on the art and photorealism, Dad discovers the realm back matter with looking at the photo reference work in the book of the book.

Patrick and Dad discuss what makes interesting satire and how soon is too soon when referencing tragedy.

 Next Week: Bone Vol 5

Sunday, April 10, 2016

EP 148: Kevin Smith Era Green Arrow

Patrick goes solo with Kevin Smith’s Green Arrow issues #13-#15 because Dad down with a stomach flu.  

Spider-Man is always 23 years old because that is the soap opera of comic books right?

Patrick wants Dad to check out Mike Grell’s Longbow Hunters

Patrick blabs about the concept of introducing new villains and the tropes of superhero mythos.  

Next Week :  Ex Machina and Dad returns!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

EP 147: Batman V Superman One Shots

Patrick and Dad go Batman and Superman crazy with Alan Moore’s Superman Annual #11 “For the Man Who Has Everything”

Patrick tries explaining the the one shot and the annual.

A great deal of of adoption talk for some odd reason as well.

Listen to Patrick’s take on Batman v Superman on the Jabber and Drone Podcast.  

Next Week:  Ex Machina Vol 1