Sunday, June 28, 2015

EP 103: Bone Vol 3 Eyes of the Storm

Patrick and Dad answer listener AZXER’s email about recording a podcast involving Dad and teaching him the internet. 

Dad knows who to Google and thinks Manga is the title of human being.

Patrick is called seven hours later and informed that Dad bought some cake.   Dad eats cake on the podcast and spits a mouthful of white sugar all over.

Dad breaks down the plot of Bone: Eyes of the Storm and gushes about the artwork.

Patrick blathers on about negative space and the use of light source in the comic Dad is mildly interested and humors Patrick.

Patrick thinks he is back and in the classroom and tries to give Dad a lecture on Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and the theory of the Monomyth, Dad is astounded at first but bores quickly.  

Next Week:  Red Skull Incarnate and Canadian Candy Bars

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