Sunday, June 7, 2015

EP 100: Starman #9 - 16

Dad gets a lemon fantasy cake but is still wanting a real deal big massive cake.

Patrick explains why you should not order three tiered cake from upscale bakery shops.

The boys read some email and answer some random questions.

Dad explains how he almost killed the father and son team with some bleach fueled Spring cleaning.

Dad explains how his wife is very intelligent but in his mind lazy, Patrick is shocked and Dad does the two step backtrack.

Patrick and Dad discuss the generational themes in Starman, as well as they unconventional coloring that make the book so damn unique.

Dad loves the Ragdoll story line and the two try to figure out if the real life Ted Knight did voice overs for the Superfriends cartoons.

Dad can see how comic book writing has influenced the rise of modern television storytelling.  

Even though Dad takes 13 pages of notes he was shaky on the last two issues of the run but enjoys Patrick’s explanation.

Next Week : Pluto Vol 1

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