Sunday, November 3, 2013

.EP 13: Fear Agent TPB Re-Ignition

Our duo strap on their jetpacks, charge the ray guns, and swill some whiskey as they discuss the first trade paperback of Fear Agent from writer Rick Remender and artist Tony Moore.

Patrick opens the show with hopes all Killer Whales rising up and drowning their trainers.  Dad chides this idea but laughs.

Dad is focused for the first two issues but once time travel is introduced he become lost in his own time vortex of confusion.  

Patrick gets him back on point and father and son explore Heath Huston as a drunk spaceman who attempts to fix all that once went wrong by doing more wrong.  Dad feels if it was just Heath killing wave after wave of monster aliens the comic would be improved.

Our duo both love the homage art from Tony Moore to days of pulp science fiction.  Patrick and Dad are glad that nothing was sleek and shiny but filthy and full of bubble helmeted space suits and clunky robots.

Dad is teased to next week’s comic assignment Blacksad and goes bonkers with excitement!  Dad is very happy to see anthropomorphic animals in a detective noir setting and exclaims “Now this is comic book time folks!”   

General talk:  Dad’s Halloween was nice, he handed out tons of kids and all were polite.  Dad’s eye is bothering him and Patrick suggests jabbing his dirty fingers into his iris is making things worse, Dad ignores him. Treat is leftover Halloween candy.

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