Sunday, November 17, 2013

EP 15: Batman Vol 1: Court of Owls

Patrick opens with pondering on what the point of bringing Dad a treat each week, when Dad has a pantry and fridge brimming with cakes, cookies, and candy.  
Dad agrees and explains his favorite treat of a big slice of cake covered in cookies and ice cream.

Comic talk starts out very strong with some good discussion about Batman as Bruce Wayne rebuilding Gotham.

Dad is then flummoxed with the concept of facial recognition software, and why are there so many damn Robins?

Things get back on track when our duo discuss the concept of Court of Owls being a shadow organization and crafting a secret history of Gotham.  

Once the middle of the story arc is reached and Greg Capullo artwork is in full force with winding panels, hallucinations, and heavy symbolism Dad throws in the towel.  He does not realize Batman is drugged and assumes we are seeing the story from the POV of Batman….. hanging upside… a Bat……

Patrick and Dad both love the fight scenes and the creepy factor of the Court as a villain.  Dad is blown away that Batman got down with Talia Al Ghul and she is Robin’s baby-mommy.

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