Monday, December 15, 2014

EP 70 MS. Marvel

Dad and Patrick read MS. Marvel after some talk of what percentage of comics Dad understands.

The boys enjoy the comic and it generates some light banter about teen girl issues.

Patrick tries to give examples to the concept of the “Legacy Hero” . Dad loses interest in Patrick and half listens.

Dad has a Birthday gift is semi interested. Dad once again decries the need for sweets and or semi sweet foods for his hard work on the podcast.

Patrick promises a sweets related treat for the next podcast.

Dad and Patrick also seem to have trouble conjuring what languages are spoken in Central and South Asia.

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  2. I am 35 years old and have been a comic fan now for 10 years. I have a one year old son. Rather than read him your typical bed time story's that commercialize the shelves, I choose comic books and he loves them. I even managed to find him a pair of Spider Man sunglasses
    You have gained a subscriber :)