Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Special EP 1: Secret Six Vol 1: Unhinged

No Dad on this one it is make my sister Liz read comics.

Liz is a potty mouth so NSFW podcast here.  Liz is exposed to her first comic Gail Simon and Nicola Scott’s Secret Six: Unhinged TPB.  
Liz likes the story but gets confused about who is who in  and out of costume.  Patrick explains what a beefcake and cheesecake art style is sorta…….

Liz explains that Catman is a “bad dick” and Batman is a “good dick”.  She also thinks Bane is the moral center of the story and feels very bad for him.

Both brother and sister like the art and think it is good staple comic fare.  

Liz also thinks Patrick looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt, the cancer ridden version.

No treat is eaten.

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