Sunday, October 13, 2013

Starman: Omnibus Vol 1: #0-3

This episode is not silly or full of poop jokes as previous episodes.

Patrick gives Dad a recap break and our boys instead ruminant on the themes and characters of Starman.

Patrick and Dad discuss the strong theme of family and linage that drive James Robinson's hallmark comic book run.

Dad likes Jack Knight as a junk man and that he does not really dig on wearing a silly costume.

Patrick explains his theory that the center piece of the narrative is about the three interweaving family trees of the Knights, Mist, and O 'Dare families.

Dad does not know what to make of the Shade, is a he a hero or villain?  Why is he even in the story?  What are his powers?  Why does he care about Opal City so much?

Patrick brings a treat.......Carrot Bread Pudding!  Dad is worried it will be loaded with curry but instead is happy it is sweet and buttery.

Next week our boys step away from Superhero folks and dive into the "other" of comics with the Alternate History take of World War 2 with the trade paperback of 7 Psychopaths

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