Sunday, May 10, 2015

EP 95: Make Mom Read Copperhead

Dad is replaced for a Mother’s Day special in which Patrick makes his Mom read comics.

Mom discusses Dad and his approach to mass media, pop culture, and his academic pursuits.

Patrick explains how he views Dad and Mom chortles along.

Dad barges in at one point and says nothing of importance.

Mom does an amazing job in breaking the story of Copperhead down and enjoys the female protagonist, alien landscape and western motif.

Mom schools Patrick in all things Harry Turtledove, Roman household god culture, and the rugged handsomeness of Robert Redford.

Patrick and Mom try to match up the analogues in the comic book to historical archetypes to varying success.
Mom and Patrick wrap things up with  collaboration in the 21st century and some choral singing.

Mom wishes all a Happy Mother’s Day!

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