Saturday, September 28, 2013

EP 8: The Ultimates Vol 1

Things are off for a rough start for our duo.  Dogs barking, cell phones blowing up, Dad running off to have long conversations with people on his cell phone.

Once things calm down Dad enjoys the Ultimates, but renames the Wasp Gnat Woman and Ant Man everything but Ant Man.

Dad mocks Patrick's comic book room, and laughs at people who would collect comics for 20+ years.

Dad really likes Ulitmate Hulk, and is scared of giant nude men.

Patrick explains Dad's parenting style, which involves forcing him to run or ride a bike under the threat of being pushed over.

Patrick and Dad defend Man of Steel and rebooting for new generations.

Patrick mixes up all his analogies and Dad calls him on it, and randomly discussing terrorism in the mid 20th century.

Dad brings a treat, walnut apple pie from the duo's favorite bakery for Patrick.  Patrick brings stolen oatmeal cookies for Dad.

Dad announces he still only weighs 206 lbs.

Next week Animal Man vol 1 2011
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