Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Flash #1-3 and The Flash # 23.1

Dad is very confused about who is the Flash?  What a story arc is?  What is going on with Gorilla Grodd?

Patrick attempts to answer all of these questions and make Dad sing a theme song for the podcast.  Dad claims to not know any songs.

Dad has lots of treats!   Two big East Detroit Bakery Cookies, one chocolate chip mint, the other a peanut butter and snicker doodle style.  Panda brand black licorice is a huge hit as well.

Dad trys out his skills as a Food Network judge by describing the licorice as tasting "Good." and having a "Licorice taste."

Patrick wishes he could run as fast as the Flash, Dad just wants to know the back story behind some random pigs from some random farm in one random panel.

Dad has theories that the pigs are some type of CIA powered super pigs.

Grodd scares the hell outta Dad.  Both Patrick and Dad think Flash #23.1 is insane plot wise but none the less fun.

Detroit Tigers pitchers breaking bad is discussed randomly.

Next week Moon Knight 2007 #1-4

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