Sunday, August 30, 2015

EP 112: The Authority #13-20

Back to basics as Dad has no clue what is happening in Mark Millar and Frank Quietly’s  Authority run.  Patrick explains it is Satire of Superhero comics and “Widescreen” style of comics from the early 2000’s.  Dad just wants to know why are there ghosts and explains he watched Dr. Who to get laid back in the day.  Next Week: Parker the Hunter.

Patrick and Dad read some listener emails, and discuss high school football for some reason.

Patrick explains the concept of “widescreen” comics  Dad recalls reading both Mark Millar and Warren Ellis in the past which excites Patrick.  .

Elation ends quickly as Dad begins his convoluted recap of the content of the Authority issues themselves.  Dad understands that it is written as a bit cheeky and tongue and cheek but too many character confuse him.

Dad does his patented altering and changing of character names.  Jenny Sparks becomes Jenny Parker, Swift transforms into Angel Lady.

Patrick tries to explain this is satire of American Superheroes and that he struggles a bit with the juvenile humor.

Dad reveals he used to watch Dr. Who in the 1960’s and 1970’s to placate Mom and ultimately get laid.

Patrick explains why he enjoys Frank Quitely art and that sometimes having very stylized art helps define an artist among a field of many.

Treat is refused by Dad the day of moving into Patrick's new home.

Next Week : Cassidy and Richard from the Jabber and the Drone Podcast and Parker the Hunter

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