Sunday, September 6, 2015

EP 113: Parker The Hunter

Patrick opens the show reading some email from Steve Grower from the great province of Ontario and Ottawa. 

 Steve is the host and cohost respectively of Alternative Airways and Futurama Pedia
shares Dad’s confusion with all things 2099 and Spider-Man.  Dad wrestlers if he likes Quebec more than Ontario.

Patrick has an email from a former student requesting he make Dad read Miracle Man

 Patrick almost launches into a lengthy explanation of all things MM but stops and saves it for a future show.  

The boys are joined by Cassidy and Richard from the film review and discussion podcast Jabber and the Drone.   Dad has an interesting take on their show title and the name of the hosts.  

The first thirty minutes of the show are a revolving discussion of Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation  of Parker the Hunter.  Style and story structure are discussed and Richard and Cassidy have an interesting take on casting of comic book characters with cartoon voices and actors.

Patrick blathers about teaching the Donald Westlake novel in his classroom and his students revulsion at Parker as a protagonist and antihero.  

Dad demands some scary film recommendations and Richard and Cassidy provided Dad with some Netflix homework.

Next Week:  Daredevil #176-182

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