Sunday, September 13, 2015

EP 114: Daredevil #176-182

Frank Miller’s iconic run on Daredevil is explored.  Patrick talks explains how rereading the book multiple times has made him appreciate Miller’s use of panel design and seeding of plots.  Dad is just happy he remembers so many character names.  Next Week Terry Moore’s Echo

Patrick and Dad open the show with thanks you to Paul and David from Diamond Minds Podcast and Rod and Denise from the Listening Party Podcast for allowing them to guest on their respective programs.

Patrick is leery of Dad’s recall of the narrative and sequential understanding Dad may have with issues 176-182 of Daredevil.  

Dad has volumes of notes to prove he read the whole damn thing and proves it by remembering massive amounts of Marvel Lore including the Hand, Foggy Nelson, J Jonah Jameson and even Stick.

Dad and Patrick really enjoy the crime noir and kung fu mash up that is the intersection of Elektra, Ninjas, Kingpin, and Bullseye.

Issues 178-179 are a bit of a downer and our duo do not dig on the seemly forced and boring Power Man and Iron Fist guest appearance.  

Also not dug is the the strange Albino Sewer King and James Bond style dangling of our heroes over an alligator pit.

The Final three issues 180-182 including the Death of Elektra and the Punisher going all Clint Eastwood make up for all the silliness.

Next Week Mom and Terry Moore’s Echo

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  1. In response to "Dad" on LPP 174, Montreal likes you too sir!

    1. HAHAH I will tell Dad. He was ready to move to Montreal, he loved it! But locals kept reminding him it was July.....wait until Feb. Dad has had enough Detroit snow and cold he is talking about moving out West to dry warm pastures