Sunday, August 9, 2015

EP 109 : Batman Year One

Patrick gives some historical perspective on the publishing history of Batman Year One.

Dad finds a kindred spirit in Jim Gordon.

Dad tells some real life stories that have not a part of the podcast since his Christmas brain cancer story.

Patrick loves when Batman fights cops for some unknown reason.

Our duo both enjoy the fact that Batman finding and putting on the outfit is glossed over and that in a modern comic book an entire issue would be dedicated to Batman assembling his cape, cowl, and armor.  

Dad has some strange transsexual theories about characters that Patrick debunks.

David Mazzuchelli art is gushed over and some debate is sparked from Selina Kyle as a high end escort.

Treats are a bag of junk food from Patrick’s mortgage lender.

Next Week :  The Unwritten Vol 1  finally.  

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