Sunday, August 23, 2015

EP 111: Spider-Man 2099

Patrick strolls down memory lane with Dad with Peter David and Rick Leonardi’s Spider-Man 2099

Patrick promises frozen custard after the big house move on Monday.  Dad passionately discusses the merits of frozen custard over ice cream or yogurt.

The duo read an email from listener who does not love the show, but is brought back in time to bonding with his father.

Dad as always has his Spider-Man issues but then he falls in love with Miguel O’Hara and his many quips.

Dad is very confused by dates, issue number, and titles of Marvel comics.  Patrick walks him through the design of covers and purpose.

Patrick and Dad agree that the socioeconomic comments of Spider-Man 2099 reflect the 99 percent debate raging today.

Dad explains why he changed his note method and looks forward to moving ice cream treats

Next Week : The Authority #13-20

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