Sunday, July 26, 2015

EP 107 : Ministry of Space & Crecy

Patrick and Dad read some emails including one from Shawn from the Parallel Lines and Just One of Guys podcasts.

Patrick explains what he thinks Warren Ellis does best in terms of writing for non superhero comics.

The boys first discuss the alternate history tale of Ministry of Space and examine a what if with Britain never losing their sumorecy as a global and now interstellar superpower.

Chris Weston kills it with the throwback Dan Dare style artwork.  

Operation Paperclip is discussed and the duo ask each other at what cost can society afford the march of technology progress at the cost of culturally progress?….deep right?

Next the time machine is cranked back to 1337 and the Hundred Years War with the tale of the epic battle of Crecy in graphic novel format.

Dad suggests that this should be required reading material for college courses for Middle Ages history courses.
Tim Hortons Cookies are devoured by both Patrick and Dad to wrap things up.

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