Sunday, April 19, 2015

EP 90: Batman Zero Year Vol 1

Dad is much less confused reading Zero Year than he was with Court of Owls

Patrick explains the concept of the origin story and creators adding backstory to existing superhero characters.

Dad loves the marriage of Scott Snyder as writer and Greg Capullo on art.

Dad takes five pages of notes for the show but still is a little confused on the sequence of events.

It is revealed that Dad does not like real names and for future reference all characters should be called by their villain or superhero monicker.
Dad thinks Alfred is treating like dirt and the Red Hood gang is great crime wave concept.

Patrick explains to Dad that the Red Hood’s death may be the birth of the Joker and Dad has his mind blown!

Dad proves how little he cares about popular culture and has no idea that Avengers Age of Ultron exists.  But does think some huge nerdlow film is coming this winter.

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