Sunday, April 12, 2015

EP 89: Moon Knight (2014) #1-8

Dad has questions about his questions.  

Dad and Patrick open the show talking about if Dad can ever “love” comics.

Patrick tries to convince Dad that they have read Moon Knight for the show in the past.

Dad makes good and reads all eight issues of Moon Knight and took notes but forgot what the notes mean.

Patrick explain negative space and color use in comics to Dad.

Dad gives each comic issue its own title.  Patrick is perplexed why each issue needs a title?

Patrick asks Dad to please stop pouring coffee and water on his comics.

Dad rants about comic book covers and Patrick laughs like a fool.

Dad mixes up the order of the comics but presses forward.
Dad enjoys the first seven issues, 4-5 are his favorites especially the violent fight scenes and mushroom tripping artwork.

Dad does not like nor is able to read issue 8.  Dad wants Marvel to change its lettering and coloring to suit 66 year old men from Metro Detroit.

Finally, Dad thanks Patrick for helping him store a bike, and almost knocking him unconscious

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