Sunday, December 22, 2013

EP 18: Chew #1-8

Dad is recovered from the flu and on fire in his breakdown of the first eight issues of Image Comics  Chew.

Patrick reads some emails, and Dad is somewhat interested.

Dad tells Patrick the worst part of helping Patrick move in the past is loaded up all his long boxes and bookcases of comics.

The Holiday themed books are announced

Dad finds the parody and satire of Chew interesting and is a big fan of causal cannibalism in the comic.

Patrick compares the art to Saturday morning cartoon work, or newspaper comic strips.  Dad mocks Patrick for love for GI Joe cartoons.

Patrick and Dad debate of Chew could be translated to the television screen, they question if some of the humor of the comic would not be presented in proper context for television audiences.

Patrick challenges Dad to stop looking at comics as a genre and view it as medium.

Dad just laughs the challenge off.

Treat: Christmas Cookies!

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