Sunday, December 8, 2013

EP 17: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

The epic conclusion to the Dark Knight Returns!  

Patrick has high hopes which are quickly dashed because Dad is befuddled with issue 3.  He likes the Joker fight but the milk baby bombs leave him guessing.

Somehow Dad cannot understand that Superman has a subplot and pretty much skips large sections of dialogue.  He also thinks Joker is sleeping and somehow not dead.

Dad is redeemed in a moment of clarity with the final issue.  He realizes Frank Miller presents Superman as a avatar of the establishment and Batman the voice of the common man.

Dad and Patrick wrap things up with Gotham And Metropolis discussion, and if Superman is a difficult character to write or is he do writers need to change their approach to creating conflict for him?

Treat: Although not mentioned Lime Curd

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